Al Dhaid University to welcome students in September 2024: Sharjah Ruler

SHARJAH, Al Dhaid University will welcome its first cohort of students in September 2024, announced H.H. Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. Centres for desert studies and environmental research will join the university’s agricultural and veterinary medical faculties.

The university is also planning to form alliances with two universities in the United Kingdom. H.H. went on to say that the University of Kalba would soon join the fray and that the University of Khor Fakkan would welcome its first students within 18 months.

Faculty of Agriculture

H.H. stated during a phone call on the Direct Line programme, which airs on Sharjah Radio and Television: “A student in the Faculty of Agriculture cannot enrol directly in Agricultural Engineering from the first year.” The first two years are taught as fundamental general education by the Faculty of Agriculture. Following that, the student focuses on crops, vegetables, or fruits. Some students select a broad major and pursue all specialisations. Personally, I am among those who have studied all specialisations.”

“In agricultural engineering, students study methods for highlands and mountains, as well as mechanical engineering, where they study farming tractors and learn how to repair them to become technicians,” the Ruler of Sharjah, stated. They also investigate ways to divide land while keeping water resources in mind. Agricultural engineers are permitted to construct roadways between lands as part of their study. All of these disciplines are classified as agricultural engineering, but they come after two years of fundamental education.”

British Collaboration

“There is also a specialisation in the Faculty of Agriculture for livestock, sheep, and poultry breeding,” H.H. added. This is referred to as ‘Breeding,’ not ‘Engineering.’ It addresses animal nutrition as well as how to care for them. Within these specialisations, students also learn how to build animal shelters. Animal treatment, on the other hand, is studied in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, another faculty of Al Dhaid University. Next to the university is a veterinary facility that accepts public-owned animals for medical treatment and care. In addition, Al Dhaid University has desert and environmental scientific studies centres. We collaborate with two British universities: the Royal Agricultural University, which will work with the Faculty of Agriculture at Al Dhaid University, and the University of Bristol, which will work with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Al Dhaid University. The University of Bristol will sign with us on behalf of the two British universities, as agreed upon between them. These sciences, God willing, will have a substantial influence.”

Real-World Experience

H.H. said, “I have devised a plan for my sons and daughters who will study at the Faculty of Agriculture.” No way am I going to have them sit around and do nothing until they graduate before putting them to work. Instead, each student will be given a plot of land on which to put their academic training into practice. They’ll have the ability to cultivate fruits and vegetables with commercial value. Students will graduate with the ability to think critically and with real-world experience. Khor Fakkan University is scheduled to open in around 18 months. Eventually, Kalba University will join the fray as well.”

“Knowledge is more accessible than ever.”

H.H. concluded his remarks by telling the students, “We advise our young generation and say to all students, ‘This is an opportunity Knowledge is more accessible than ever.”

Source: Emirates News Agency