Israeli forces storm Tulkarm city and refugee camps

TULKARM: Israeli occupation forces stormed the city and camps of Tulkarm at dawn on Tuesday, destroying their infrastructure, amid a curfew.

WAFA correspondent said that a large number of occupation vehicles and heavy bulldozers stormed the city from its western axis, amid intense flights of drones at a low altitude.

She added that the occupation troops roamed the streets of the city, specifically Al-Murabitin Mosque Street, Al-Alimi ‘Courts’ Roundabout, Khadouri Roundabout, the vicinity of Al-Isra Specialized Hospital, Nablus Street, and the Eastern Neighborhood, towards the neighborhoods leading to Tulkarm Camp.

The occupation forces pushed more of their heavy vehicles to all entrances to the city, specifically at the Jabara military checkpoints in the south, and in Annab military checkpoints in the east, in addition to the Netsani Oz gate west of Tulkarm.

The occupation forces surrounded Thabet Thabet Governmental and Al-Israa Specialized Hospitals in the city.

Israeli forces deployed their snipers on
a number of high-rise buildings in various neighborhoods of the city, while they stormed Al-Aqsa neighborhood in Shweika suburb, north of Tulkarm, amid the sounds of heavy gunfire.

The occupation forces imposed a siege on Tulkarm camp, and strengthened their patrols at its entrances, specifically the northern, eastern and southern.

Additionally, Israeli forces detained the press crews while they were covering the raid in the vicinity of Al-Younis roundabout in the northern district of the city and confiscated their identities.

They also stopped a citizen’s vehicle at Shweika roundabout and searched it and checked the identities of its passengers, without any detentions being reported.

The occupation forces caused significant disruption to the Internet networks in the city and its camps.

In a later development, the occupation vehicles, accompanied by five military bulldozers, stormed Nour Shams camp, passing through Al-Sikka Street and Aktaba roundabout, and were stationed near Al-Maslakh neighborhood, co
inciding with the ongoing storming of the city and Tulkarm camp, and pushed more military reinforcements towards it, and imposed a tight siege on it.

WAFA correspondent reported that the occupation bulldozers destroyed citizens’ property and infrastructure while moving towards Nour Shams camp, specifically on Al-Sikka Street, and the vicinity of the martyr Saif Abu Lebda roundabout at the entrance to the main camp and the vicinity of Nour Shams cemetery, in addition to bulldozing the vicinity of Al-Younis roundabout in the northern neighborhood of the city.

The occupation forces fired random bullets in the vicinity of Nour Shams camp, causing a power outage in parts of the camp after one of the electricity transformers supplying it was hit.

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency – WAFA