RTA launches free smart umbrella service

DUBAI: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in collaboration with UmbraCity, a leading Canadian smart umbrella share service company, has launched a revolutionary ‘free of cost’ smart umbrella service at Al Ghubaiba Bus and Metro station. This innovative proof-of-concept service is designed to enhance the walkability of Dubai, providing residents and visitors with a convenient and sustainable way to shield themselves from the sun and rain.

Aligned with the visionary Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, this initiative underlines Dubai’s commitment to fostering a sustainable, healthy, and inclusive urban environment. By integrating advanced technology with practical urban solutions, RTA and UmbraCity are taking a significant step towards realising Dubai’s ambition to become the best city for living in the world by improving the quality of life and enhancing the happiness of its people.

Smart Umbrella Service: How It Works

Commuters can now borrow umbrellas free of cost at one location using their nol card,
a seamless integration that promotes ease of mobility and environmental sustainability. This service is particularly designed to support Dubai’s goal of developing a ’20-minute city’ where residents can access their daily needs within a 20-minute walk or bike ride, fostering a greater sense of community and well-being.

Khaled Al Awadhi, Director, Transportation Systems at RTA’s Public Transport Agency said ‘By encouraging the use of smart umbrellas which are ‘Free of cost’ when leased using nol card, RTA and UmbraCity are contributing to the creation of vibrant, healthy, and inclusive communities across Dubai. The service is introduced currently at Al Ghubaiba metro station as a proof of concept for three months. On the evaluation of its success, RTA will consider expanding the service.’

Amir Entezari, CEO of UmbraCity said, “We are honoured to partner with RTA and bring UmbraCity’s innovative umbrella-sharing service to the heart of Dubai.’ Said Amir Entezari, CEO of UmbraCity. ‘This collaboration reflects
our mutual dedication to advancing sustainable urban mobility and enhancing the livability of cities. Together, we are setting a global benchmark for smart, sustainable urban living, demonstrating that with innovative solutions and collaborative efforts, we can make significant strides towards building cities that prioritise the well-being of their communities and the environment.”

Through this partnership, RTA and UmbraCity are setting a new standard for smart urban living, ensuring that Dubai continues to lead by example in creating a sustainable, connected, and resilient urban future.

Source: Emirates News Agency