Samsung Adds Cloud Gaming to Older TVs

Samsung has started adding cloud-based gaming apps to older versions of their smart TVs via their Gaming Hub software.

The Korean company expanded support for smart TVs for cloud gaming services to include relatively old 2020 releases, as well as other newer versions made in 2021 and beyond.

Samsung released a gaming service software titled ‘Samsung Gaming Hub’ over a year ago, which enables users to sign in their own accounts for different games on the cloud, similar to Microsoft’s XBOX interface, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Amazon’s Luna, and others. In addition, users can have access to other apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Gaming Hub, in collaboration with other cloud-based games, allows access to over a thousand games directly and quickly, and without the need for additional devices unlike the traditional controller to enjoy games on the TV screen.

Notably, cloud-based games work through the internet, without the need to download the software, and these games run on specialized servers where the image is broadcasted on the device online. They can be accessed through different devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, or even smart TVs, as well as specialized gaming devices, provided that there is a fast internet connection to enjoy the special gaming experience.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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