“UN Women” urges world to fund Palestinian women-led agencies

The UN Women, a UN entity dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment, on Monday called on the international community and stakeholders to take decisive measures to finance Palestinian women-led organizations.

This came in the UN Women’s fourth Gender Alert, focusing on the work of Women-Led Organizations (WLOs) and detailing the findings of a UN Women assessment of 25 Palestinian women-led organizations operating in Gaza and the West Bank.

It shows that, despite this dire situation, these organizations are at the forefront of the humanitarian response. Together, these 25 organizations maintain a network of 1,575 staff members across Gaza and the West Bank.

The assessment showed that 89 percent of the surveyed organizations have experienced damage to their offices, with 35 percent suffering complete destruction. These offices serve as operational hubs, and are vital for delivering assistance and coordination.

“The work of women-led organizations in Gaza and the West Bank is as much about the surv
ival of women and girls as it is about maintaining hope, dignity, and the possibility of a better future for those they serve. Investing in their resilience is not just important. It is the key to an inclusive response that leaves no one behind,” said UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous in the laert.

In recognizing their pivotal role in crisis and recovery, UN Women and women-led organizations urge the international community and stakeholders to take decisive action: to actively fund women-led organizations, she said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency