AUS research team develops innovative blockchain solution for sustainable future

SHARJAH: An American University of Sharjah (AUS) research team filed a provisional patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a blockchain system they developed to improve the carbon credits trading (CCT) market.

CCT uses a marketplace to buy and sell credits that allow companies or other parties to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide. Governments set limits on emissions, and companies that emit less than their limit can sell their excess credits to those that exceed their limit. CCT encourages companies to reduce their carbon emissions and invest in cleaner technologies, ultimately helping to combat climate change.

The AUS team’s new blockchain system aims to address the inefficiencies and challenges associated with current CCT platforms by automating several components, including registering participants, generating credits, tracking and trading, and measuring carbon emissions. These improvements will help ensure transparency, immutability, and credibility of operations and data rec

“This innovation streamlines the carbon credit trading process and offers significant benefits such as reducing operational costs, processing time and mitigating risks associated with double-spending and lack of transparency, which current CCT systems face. It also aligns with the United Nations’ goal of combating climate change by enabling governments to leverage CCT effectively. It empowers countries and organisations to track and monitor greenhouse gas emissions, facilitating carbon credit trading while also aiding in developing strategies to control and reduce emissions,” said Dr. Malick Ndiaye, Professor in Industrial Engineering and research lead.

Four years in the making, the technology was exclusively developed within the College of Engineering (CEN) at AUS, with full support from full-time PhD student Dr. Alia Al Sadawi and an AUS Faculty Research Grant. Currently, a portion of the research is undergoing implementation in a prototyping phase at AUS to complete a case study on real time carbon
emission measurement and monitoring. This new development phase is also supported by the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre.

The research team is working with the Technology Transfer Office at AUS to secure external funding and strong market partnerships for the technology’s future expansion and scaling.

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Source: Emirates News Agency