DHA, Jaheziya partner to upgrade Dubai’s emergency, health crisis management system

DUBAI: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Training (Jaheziya) to prepare and train medical and specialised personnel, enhance their capabilities and efficiency to handle emergencies, disasters, and health crises according to international standards and protocols.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Khaled Abdullah Lootah, Public Health Consultant and Director of the Disaster and Crisis Centre at the Dubai Health Authority, and Dr. Adel Al Shamry Al Ajami, CEO of the UAE Readiness and Medical Response Programme and Director-General of the National Training (Jaheziya).

The memorandum outlines expanding cooperation between the parties regarding the implementation of training plans to qualify individuals and medical institutions in the healthcare sector (government and private) based on the training needs and requirements approved by the Authority, using the best and latest global methods and approaches in safety, emergency preparedness, crisis management, and he
alth disaster areas.

Dubai Health Authority and the National Training (Jaheziya) extended their cooperation to include launching advanced training programmes across Dubai, focusing on emergency preparedness and crisis management in alignment with each entity’s legislation, procedures, and current systems.

Furthermore, the MoU allows for organising scientific seminars, joint workshops, specialised activities, and events in the field of emergency preparedness and crisis management. It also involves providing necessary training, technical, and logistical services to support Dubai Health Authority’s vital efforts in this area.

Under the MoU, National Training (Jaheziya) will provide access to a fully equipped field hospital to conduct simulated exercises and training programmes.

In the realm of research and collaboration efforts, Dubai Health Authority and the National Training (Jaheziya) will begin knowledge exchange in both clinical and non-clinical fields. The parties will also focus on improving services
and implementing workshops on research methodologies. Several innovation-related projects in healthcare will be launched.

Source: Emirates News Agency