In an interview with French journalist Mariéidek Raffray for Valeurs Actuelles magazine at his residence in Maarab, Lebanese Forces Party Leader, Samir Geagea, expressed his dwindling expectations from France regarding Lebanon’s situation. Geagea emphasized the uncertainty shrouding Lebanon’s future due to the ongoing events in Gaza, highlighting the entrenched roots of the Lebanese people in their country.

Geagea attributed being targeted by Hezbollah to his party’s emergence as the largest Lebanese party, thanks to the trust placed in them by the recent parliamentary elections. He delved into France’s role in Lebanon, citing its approach based on political events and its responsibilities.

Addressing the outlook for Lebanon, Geagea highlighted the complexity of predicting its future, especially amid potential shifts in the Middle East power dynamics following the Gaza conflict. Despite this uncertainty, he maintained Lebanon’s standing as a haven for freedom and democracy in the region.

Reflecting on Fra
nce’s historical involvement, Geagea expressed disappointment with France’s initial support for a Hezbollah-backed candidate during the presidential election, citing it as unacceptable from the perspective of a Lebanese citizen who admires France.

Regarding blame directed at the French government, Geagea referenced a recent article, criticizing France’s stance on Lebanon and implying a disconnect between France’s decisions and the reality on the ground.

He stressed that despite Syria’s 30-year occupation and Hezbollah’s dominance, Lebanon’s roots remain intact, albeit currently in a dormant phase.

Geagea advocated against electing a Hezbollah-backed candidate, believing it would exacerbate the country’s woes. He disclosed a proposed alternative candidate rejected by Hezbollah, revealing their refusal to endorse an economic expert for the position.

On the topic of the United States, Geagea downplayed the significance of their relationship, suggesting Lebanon was never a priority for the U.S.

When asked ab
out his seclusion, Geagea referenced being targeted by Hezbollah, acknowledging the risk and explaining his retreat to a secure location, a decision influenced by his ancestors’ historical ties to the mountains.
Source: National News Agency – Lebanon