Kuwaiti charity honors expatriate female students of Al-Azhar University

Kuwait Office for Charitable Projects honored on Friday a number of expatriate female students enrolled at Al-Azhar University under a scholarship program from Kuwait Zakat House.

The students have completed a cultural course organized by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs at Abo-Bakr Al-Seddiq camp in Alexandria between September 13 and 16.

The honoring ceremony gathered Egyptian Minister of Awqaf (religious endowments) Dr. Ali Jomaa, Kuwait Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Delegate to the Arab League Ghanem Al-Ghanem, Indonesia Ambassador Lutfi Rauf, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Mohammad Ezzat and Director of Kuwait Office for Charitable Projects Sara Al-Mutairi as well as several other senior officials.

In a speech to the gathering, the Egyptian minister praised the Egyptian-Kuwaiti relationship as historical, exemplary and deep-rooted.

Dr. Jomaa said that Kuwait Office for Charitable Projects, as representative of the Zakat House, plays a key role in supporting the expatriate students in Egypt in collaboration with the Ministry of Awqaf.

On his part, Ambassador Al-Ghanem expressed hope that the students will be religious scholars who help promote the correct religious science, the moderate ideology of the Noble Al-Azhar, and the true message of Islam which brought to us by Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be upon Him.

He commended the role of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs for organizing such cultural courses for students from around the globe and the efforts of the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf in promote the moderate values of Islam.

Ambassador Al-Ghanem noted that Kuwait maintains fruitful longstanding cooperation with Egypt in all areas, including the cultural and religious ones, under the wise leaderships of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and his brother the Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi.

He commended the role of Kuwait Office for Charitable Projects in realizing the strategic objectives of Zakat House and promoting the humanitarian philanthropic action.

The Kuwaiti diplomat thanked the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf for hosting the expatriate students and organizing the training and cultural programs.

Meanwhile, Sara Al-Mutairi said the Kuwaiti Office for Charitable Projects in Cairo Sara Al-Mutairi was keen on care for foreign students studying at Al-Azhar University and considers them as “guardians of the message of Islam.” In statements to KUNA, she said the office’s participation in the honoring of the expatriate students stemmed from Kuwait’s conviction that good education is the key to knowledge and enlightenment.

Al-Mutairi thanked the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf for preparing educational courses for expatriate students, which contribute to spreading enlightened thought, correcting misconceptions, and dealing with the morals of Islam. (end) aff.nsa.ara

Source: Kuwait News Agency