PRCS says their medical points and emergency clinics in Gaza are “out of service”

GAZA: The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said on Tuesday that their all medical points and emergency clinics in Gaza are out of service.

The PRCS explained that this happened due to the occupation’s forced eviction measures in various areas in Gaza, where medical points and clinics are located.

It is noteworthy that only 15 out of 36 hospitals in the Gaza Strip are operating, and all of them are partially functioning, and are facing a severe shortage of workers and medical supplies, including anesthesia and antibiotics, leaving health care workers struggling to save lives.

About 500 health sector staff were killed, hundreds were injured, while more than 310 others were detained.

130 ambulances were destroyed during the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip for nine months.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the amount of medical supplies entering Gaza is insufficient to sustain the health response and that all medical evacuations outside Gaza remain halted.

Despite the assuranc
es of international and international human rights organizations that targeting hospitals and the health system is a clear violation of the principles and standards of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which guarantees special protection for hospitals and health centers during the outbreak of armed conflicts and wars, and that targeting them is a crime against humanity and amounts to a war crime.

However, the occupation continues targeting hospitals and health infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in disregard of all international and humanitarian laws.

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency – WAFA