Fourth batch of Palestinian detainees released from Israeli jails after midnight in swap deal

The Israeli occupation released very early this morning 33 Palestinian detainees as part of the Gaza-truce swap deal, including three women and 30 male teenagers.

An International Committee of the Red Cross bus transported 24 detainees from the Ofer military prison, west of Ramallah, to Ramallah Recreational Complex, while nine detainees from Jerusalem, including one young girl, were taken to the Russian Compound detention center in West Jerusalem, before they were released to their homes.

Israeli occupation forces earlier stormed the homes of the families of the Palestinian detainees in Jerusalem and threatened them not to hold any celebrations after the release of their children.

The occupation forces also forced all the journalists waiting to report on the detainees’ release to leave the homes and entire area.

In Ramallah, hundreds of people received the released detainees from the West Bank, chanting slogans congratulating them on their release and calling for the release of the rest of Palestinian d
etainees in Israeli jails.

To be noted, Nofooth Hammad, 16, from East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, was released tonight in the fourth batch after her whereabouts remained unknown for two days. She was supposed to be released among the first batch of detainees on Friday and was found on Sunday at a hospital inside Israel as a result of being attacked and beaten up by Israeli soldiers on the day of her release.

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency – WAFA – English