‘Sustainable Transportation and Legacy for Generations’ Exhibition Reviews Aviation, Maritime Transport Sectors Sustainability Strategy

Experts and officials from the transport sector reviewed the most significant objectives in aviation transport; the most prominent aspects of developing maritime affairs; achievements, projects, and strategies related to the civil aviation system; the sustainable strategy followed in Mwani Qatar; combating pollution in seas; and taking care of green spaces.

This came during the three discussion panels held on the sidelines of the Ministery of Transport’s (MOT) “Sustainable Transportation and Legacy for Generations” Conference and Exhibition, with the participation of officials from MOT, Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), Qatar Aeronautical Academy, Mwani Qatar, Qatar Chamber, Qatar Airways, Qatar Free Zones Authority, QTerminals, Snoonu, and others.

The “Maritime Transportation & Enhancing the Economic Development” discussion panel discussed the sustainability strategy of Mwani Qatar which was designed according to a comprehensive roadmap that would achieve its institutional, national, and international development goals with a focus on environmental, social, and economic standards in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Participants in the panel noted that Mwani Qatar, within the framework of its vision for environmental sustainability, has implemented many responsible initiatives to protect the local marine environment, reduce air pollutants, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and increase reliance on renewable energy sources in its various facilities.

They pointed out that Mwani Qatar provided equipment and specialized staff to combat any oil spill and worked to clean the port using oil pollution control equipment and the marine unit in compliance with the national plan to combat oil pollution and international and regional treaties.

Regarding the process of saving energy and water as well as reducing the carbon footprint, the participants pointed out that the facilities and buildings at Mwani Qatar were equipped with means that save electricity and water consumption, pointing out the reduction of fuel consumption in Mwani Qatar fleet through the use of electric cars, as well as providing charging points for electric cars to encourage green mobility and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Within the context of discussing taking care of green areas, the participants stressed that Mwani Qatar maintains the green natural spaces in Hamad Port, and has planted 2,211 palm trees and 350,000 seedlings over the past two years, pointing out that Hamad Port currently provides 130,000 square meters of plants and green natural spaces within the framework of a plan that aims to plant more than 50,000 seedlings and 2,000 palm trees in the port during the current year 2023. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency